Invitation System

Our invitation system is second to none. It has driven over 1 million signups in less than 120 days for one single tree. It is tried and tested, effortlessly scaling to over 5 million sent invitations across email and SMS, with as many as 200k SMS invites sent in 24 hours.

The system events it creates are also tied to our autoresponder system, giving you full flexibility to communicate with users and invitees as you see fit, in whatever language/s you require.

If you need something custom, no problem. Our invitation system is completely API driven which means you can build the front-end system of your dreams, while we take care of the back-end heavy lifting.

twilio-logo sendgrid-logoWe integrate with leading providers to ensure maximum deliverability.



Configurable invitation templates

As an admin, you can setup unlimited templates for your users, giving you control over how your company is shared and perceived in the marketplace.

All your users need to do is select the appropriate invite for their scenario, then add recipient info.

Send by SMS and Email

We integrate with leading providers to ensure maximum deliverability. Twilio for SMS and Sendgrid for email.

Multi-language ready

All of your invite templates can be setup with multiple translations, widening the net of who you can reach.

Track invite status

After an invite is sent, users can monitor time remaining before the invite expires. Plus they can easily copy the invite code if required, or recycle it if it’s not going to be redeemed.

Gamified invite top-up

If you are in a pre-launch period, you can throttle and gamify the growth by limiting the number of invites that a new user starts with.

Then unlock more invites after all existing invites have been completed. All configurable via the admin panel.

Integrates with lead capture

Do you capture leads on your front-end marketing website? Drop them into the invite system as leads, so the referring user can followup with a specific ‘Lead template’.

Completely API driven

If you have your own development team and want something custom. You can create the front-end system of your dreams while relying on us for the back-end heavy lifting.