MarketVision is a boutique, custom development software service provider, specializing in enterprise solutions for the multi-level marketing “MLM” industry. Unlike the common vendor-client relationship, our focus is on our clients specific needs and partnering with them to ensure those needs are successfully met.

Over the years, we have focused on true integration in over 79 international markets, developed an understanding of local nuances in such markets as China, Taiwan and Mexico, to dealing with local tax and regulatory authorities in Korea and throughout Europe.

At MarketVision we understand that each and every client is unique and have built the platform scalable and highly customizable.  MarketVision’s platform facilitates a majority of our clients’ business processes such as distributor and genealogy management, marketing (recruitment, funnels), ecommerce, social network interaction, logistics and accounting.

MarketVision was founded in 2000; headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

We adhere to the best technology practices and standards.

Our “real-time” global system has easily:
  • handled 1.5 million users in a single tree for a client
  • processed over 1 million individual commissions
  • processed commission payouts of over half billion dollars.
  • processed over $2.0 billion dollars in multiple currencies from around the globe.
  • integrated with logistic companies, financial Systems and governments in over 79 countries.
  • System experience in 17 languages (end user interface supplied for translations into additional languages).
  • Event driven compensation system
  • Unlimited tree structures; proven tree structures with multiple compensation plans within a unified genealogy structure.
  • PCI compliance;  open auth 2.0
  • Flexible commerce strategies, including interfacing with external catalog systems
Marketing Invite system
  • Allows for tracking invites and creating marketing campaigns
Internal software systems communications
  • email, text messaging
  • MLM industry’s first chat app available for white-labeling

For external solutions, such as an external catalog system, we provide access to the platform through extensive technology agnostic API.