Sometimes you don’t have time to plan every little detail at the start. You have an excited audience and momentum is building, whether you like it or not. Sound familiar? We’ve heard it so many times that we decided to tailor a package, suited perfectly to starting your company quickly with a strategic roll-out process.

A Phased Approach

Even the most perfect plan can have unexpected hiccups. That is why we recommend a phased approach to launching your company, to insulate your company against setbacks.

Each phase is designed to give planned flexibility when those unexpected hiccups occur. Delays with the merchant account, product supply, final compensation details, the list goes on. Instead of reacting and causing harm to your company’s reputation, we have created this roll-out sequence to protect you.

Don’t just take it from us. Professionals all around the world recommend this approach. You can read a recent article from Seth Godin on the topic here.

*The timeline below is an example only, dependant on the unique circumstances of each client.
**Setup time starts from 14 days, once again dependant on client variables. Expedite fee may apply.



Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Our pre-launch system will get you off the ground quickly so you don’t lose any momentum. It provides vital and comprehensive tools for your members to start building and tracking their teams.

Invite System

Gamify the way your company is shared with our powerful invite system.

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Engage new members via their dashboard, email, SMS or chat app with automated messages.

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Uni-level Holding Bin

Members can monitor the growth of their team, and start planning placements for when full compensation launches.


Products and Direct Commissions

Inject your first product into the system for members to start purchasing. Plus create direct bonuses so people start getting paid! All the while, the volume is being tracked, paving the way for a big launch event in Phase 3, when members will earn backdated commissions from the complete compensation plan.

Sell products

Cashflow is important, so start collecting money by offering your first product to members.

Direct bonuses

Reward your members early with 1 or 2 level direct bonuses.

Track volume

All the volume is being tracked, even though you are only paying direct bonuses in this phase.


Launch the Compensation Plan

By this point, you have new members successfully signing up and product is being shipped. Everyone is motivated by receiving direct bonuses. The only thing left to do is finalize the compensation plan and turn it on! Your members can start seeing how their bonuses are tallying up, as we work towards the first commission run.

Big bonuses

Look back at the volume since day one, and apply all of the bonuses accordingly. Members will be rewarded for ALL of their volume which in turn means big first checks.

Sticky members

Retention numbers will go through the roof when members find out all of their volume is being tracked towards a compounded bonus when the compensation plan is released.

A reason to celebrate

Your launch event just got a whole lot more exciting with members having runs on the board, before the doors are formally open!